Lightgliders Resources

  • Parent Quick-Start Guide

    Get started with Lightgliders right away by viewing our Parent Quick-Start Guide!
  • Lightgliders User Guide for Kids

    Get your kids started with Lightgliders right away by viewing our Kids User Guide!
  • Lightgliders Training Manual

    Learn everything there is to know about the characters, enemies, locations, and gameplay in Lightgliders. Check out the Lightgliders Training Manual!
  • Lightgliders Story Guide

    Learn more about how Lightgliders points to the Far Greater Story of God's love for us by reading the Lightgliders Story Guide!
  • Lightgliders Monthly Calendar

    Follow along with our weekly theme, verse, and more with the Lightgliders Calendar.
  • Lightgliders Affiliates

    Affiliates are partners who promote Lightgliders through their digital channels and social media networks. In return, they get paid for each new subscription coming through their efforts! Click below to learn more about the Lightgliders Affiliate Marketing Program Ready to get started? Click h...