Why was Lightgliders created?

Lightgliders was created to impact kids in a way they love!

Lightgliders was created to provide a safe, positive alternative for kids' screentime and digital gameplay that can be used to encourage transformational conversations during the critical pre-teenage years.

Lightgliders seeks to address the following realities:

  • The Digital Generation- Digital experiences are shaping young lives as kids are spending hours each day in front of their devices.
  • The Critical Younger Years- Fundamental perspectives on truth, morality, purpose, and faith are firmly in place before the age of 13.
  • The Need for Conversations - Kids are greatly impacted by meaningful conversations with those who care about them the most.

Lightgliders offers a fun way to encourage thought and discussion about what a biblical worldview is, how it credibly answers life's most important questions, and how it substantiates positive values. Using digital fun, we hope to encourage biblical faith, positive values, and meaningful conversations among kids, families, and faith communities.

For more information about Lightgliders, visit our About Page.

Contact Us

Still have questions? Contact a member of our team and we'd be happy to help! Email us at info@lightgliders.com or call us at (314) 200-4281. Be sure to include your account email. Glide On!