What is Lightgliders?

Great Christian Games and Adventures for Kids!
  • Lightgliders is a virtual world of Christian faith, games, and community. Accessible on computers via a web browser and on smartphones and tablets via our mobile app, Lightgliders includes a virtual world to explore filled with tons of games, community events, and Bible-based lessons and activities to encourage faith, values, and meaningful conversations!
  • Lightgliders is a story that teaches! Using its gameplay goals to respect, rescue, and restore, Lightgliders points its players to the far greater story of God's love revealed in the Bible and substantiated by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The Lightgliders story seeks to help kids understand the truth, beauty, and helpfulness of a biblical worldview.
  • Lightgliders is a discipleship tool for families and ministries! The Lightgliders gameplay and activities can be used to teach and spark conversations about the overarching story of the Bible and to help kids know, grow in, and show God's love.
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Lightgliders is Cross-Platform

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