How does Lightgliders encourage Christian faith and values?

Lightgliders follows a weekly calendar of lessons, Scriptures, and reflection questions that can be downloaded from www.lightgliders.com. Families are encouraged to review this content together to encourage opportunities for meaningful discussions and family discipleship.There are new Bible-based activities showcased each week designed to:

  1. Teach a biblical worldview and values
  2. Encourage prayer and reflection
  3. Impart a vision for service
  4. Spark meaningful conversations in the home

The Lightgliders story serves as a parable created to impart a biblical worldview and to help kids everywhere recognize that they were uniquely made to shine! Every kid gets to create their own Lightglider character and enter into the story. Lightgliders have three primary goals – to RESPECT themselves and each other, to RESCUE the Gliddles from the Machines, and to RESTORE the land from the blight. The overarching story and characters are used to point to the Far Greater Story of God's love for us revealed in the Bible and to teach the five values of a Lightglider – purpose, humility, confidence, hope, and love.

As kids play Lightgliders, they will meet the seven student leaders of Lightglider Academy. Each leader is from a different nation and has a unique personality and set of abilities. Their common goal, however, is to shine, which means to love God and love others using their unique gifts. The idea of being "made to shine" is a key concept within Lightgliders.

Within the Lightgliders universe are adorable little creatures called the Gliddles. Loosely based off of the parable of the lost sheep in Luke 15, the Gliddles are lost in the Yonders and need to be rescued from a mysterious army of Machines. Once rescued, the Gliddles and the Lightgliders work together to restore the land's beauty and purpose. The Lightgliders universe makes for fun gameplay and storytelling, but it also points to key themes of redemption and restoration.

To learn more about the biblical worldview teaching inside Lightgliders, view the Lightgliders Story Guide by visiting www.lightgliders.com and clicking "What Lightgliders Teaches" in the footer. To learn more about the Lightgliders story itself, view the Lightgliders Training Manual by visiting www.lightgliders.com and clicking "Training Manual" in the footer.

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