How much does Lightgliders cost? / Which membership plan do I need?

We offer a variety of membership plans that vary by length of time and number of child profiles.

Here's a great way to figure out which membership plan is right for you in two easy steps:

1. How many kids will be playing?

Memberships are available for 1-25 kids.

  • Individual memberships allow access for 1 child.
  • Family memberships allow access for up to 5 kids.
  • Group memberships allow access for up to 25 kids.
2. How often / how much do you want to pay?

Memberships can be purchased on either a monthly or annually recurring basis.

  • Monthly options are as follows:

    • Monthly Individual plans are $5.95/mo
    • Monthly Family plans are $9.95/mo
    • Monthly Group plans are $34.95/mo
  • Upgrade to the annual option and get two months free!

    • Annual Individual plans are $59.95/yr
    • Annual Family plans are $99.95/yr
    • Annual Group plans are $349.95/yr

For more information about membership options, please visit our Pricing Page. Toggle between plan options at the top. Click "START FREE TRIAL" to sign up!

If you need more than 25 users, contact us at

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