Gift Cards + Merch

  • Can I buy Lightgliders as a gift?

    Yes! Gift cards are available for purchase on our website. View available options on our Gift Page. After purchasing a gift card, we will send you the gift code via email so your kids can start playing right away! You can also choose to have a physical gift card shipped directly to you, or we ca...
  • How do I redeem a Lightgliders gift card?

    Have a Lightgliders Gift Card? Great! Use this link to redeem your Lightgliders gift card and follow the steps below to get started with Lightgliders: Enter the code on the back of the card and press "Redeem" Click "Begin" on the next screen Enter your email address and choose a password Press ...
  • Can I buy Lightgliders merch?

    Yes! We have an online store where you can find all your favorite Lightgliders merch and gift cards all in one place! Check it out today > Or click any image below to browse all products available within each category: