What is Lightglider Academy?

Lightglider Academy is a multiplayer online game and community included in your subscription to Lightgliders!

Watch the video below to learn more about Lightglider Academy!

After you login to Lightgliders, click the banner at the top to "Enter" Lightglider Academy.

Inside Lightglider Academy, kids will see their Lightglider character come to life as they glide around the Academy, socialize with friends through safe chat features, and enjoy community-wide games and events. The first time your kids enter Lightglider Academy from a computer, they'll receive their first mission from a leader name Tambika. They will put on armor, battle Machines, rescue Gliddles, and use their light to restore the land of Glideon.

At the Academy, kids can also send postcards, write journal entries, decorate their own treehouse, engage in discipleship activities, go on exciting missions to rescue and restore, and explore a world of adventure!

Visit Lightglider Academy at 11am or 5pm EST any weekday to meet a moderator and get a tour of the game! You'll recognize a moderator by their purple name tag. Be sure to review the Lightgliders Calendar to find out when community-wide games and parties are happening.

Lightglider Academy was recently added to the mobile experience as part of a staged release. More features will be added in the days ahead! In the meantime, when you visit Lightglider Academy from your mobile device(s), you may see the banner below, indicating that some parts are still "Under Construction." Login to the desktop app for a full Academy experience with missions, Treehouse decorating, and more!

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