Is Lightgliders multiplayer? What is Lightglider Academy?

Is Lightglider Academy multiplayer?

Yes! A subscription to Lightgliders automatically includes access to Lightglider Academy, our multiplayer online game and community!

What is Lightglider Academy?

Lightglider Academy is an amazing online community where events are happening daily. Kids can customize their character, decorate their Treehouse, and glide around the various rooms of the Academy. Kids can socialize with friends through our safe chat feature, send sticker-based postcards, and attend themed events and parties!

Where can I find Lightglider Academy?

When you login from a computer, click the banner at the top to "Enter" Lightglider Academy. When you login from a mobile device, you will immediately see a map of the Academy. Click any of the rooms (e.g., The Courtyard, Mission Control, The Library, etc.) to enter the Academy.

Watch the video below to learn more about Lightglider Academy!

New to Lightgliders? Find a moderator, senior ambassador, or ambassador, and ask for a tour of Lightglider Academy. You'll recognize a moderator by their purple name tag, senior ambassadors by their blue name tags, and ambassadors by their green name tags. Be sure to visit Lightglider Academy during a moderated event or party! Check the Lightgliders Calendar to see when community-wide events and parties are happening.

Jun 28, 2022

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