What is a moderator? Why are there different colored name tags?

Lightglider Academy is an amazing online gameworld and community, one that brings hope and encouragement to kids across the world! We also recognize the immense need to keep this gameworld safe for everyone. To do so, we have strict safe chat protocols and utilize in-game moderator players to monitor player interactions in real-time.

Lightglider Moderators

Moderator players can be identified inside the game by their purple name plates. Moderators are members of the Lightgliders team who actually work for Lightgliders. They are there to check in with the kids, give tours of the Academy, hand out prizes, host events, and answer questions. In doing so, they are also monitoring each player's behavior toward others and making sure chat rules are being followed.

Lightglider Players - Name Tags

As you glide around Lightglider Academy, you will notice that the various players in the game have different colored name tags. All new players begin with a white name tag. Other colors are earned through gameplay or good behavior. See an explanation of each color name tag below:

  • White -- New Lightglider Players -- Everyone starts with a white name tag.
  • Green -- Lightgliders Ambassador -- Players can earn a leadership role in the Academy by showing respect to others, attending social events, welcoming new players, and following the chat/community rules. (A minimum of 3+ months in the game is required to earn this status).
  • Blue -- Lightgliders Senior Ambassador -- These players have already been Ambassadors and have continued to display exemplary behavior. They are esteemed leaders in the Community. (A minimum of 6+ months in the game is required to earn this status).
  • Orange -- Lightgliders Gleam Team -- These players have completed enough activities in Lightgliders to achieve light level 80 or higher. (No minimum time in the game is required; this status is based on gameplay).
  • Purple -- Lightgliders Moderators -- These moderator players actually work for Lightgliders! Moderators monitor the community, host events, answer questions, and hand out prizes, as well as monitor player interactions.

Learn more about the Ambassador Program here.

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Dec 29, 2023

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