Does Lightgliders have chat? How do I know my kids will be safe?

Lightgliders Safe Chat Feature

We seek to take all necessary precautions to make Lightgliders safe (and fun) for kids. To do this, Lightgliders does not allow "open" chat. Instead, we utilize a heavily monitored safe chat system, which only allows for the use of carefully curated pre-approved words and phrases. The list of pre-approved words and phrases is constantly monitored and edited to provide the safest experience possible. Our safe chat system will not allow the use of inappropriate language or any words or phrases that could be personally identifying, such as age or location. Any attempts to use words or phrases that are not on our pre-approved list will be blocked, meaning those messages will not be sent or viewable to other players.

The safe chat feature is designed to give kids the opportunity to meet friends and socialize online, especially during events and group games, in a fun and safe manner.

The multiplayer component of Lightgliders, called Lightglider Academy, is the only place in Lightgliders where kids can interact with one another and utilize the safe chat feature. All messages sent inside the Lightgliders platform are public (i.e., visible to all players). We do not have a private messaging system, which means that it is not possible for players to have one-on-one private conversations. Rather, all messages appear in "bubbles" above the players head (see image below), and it is not possible to send chat messages to another player when they are offline.

Lightgliders Safe Chat Speech Bubble

Moderation Protocols

Chat interactions are monitored by a team of moderators on a daily basis. Our moderation team reviews all lines of chat daily (including messages players attempt to send but are blocked by our safety protocols). In addition, we have moderator players who moderate in real-time inside Lightglider Academy at various times throughout the day. These moderator players can be identified inside the game by their purple name plates. Moderator players are there to check in with the kids, give tours of the Academy, hand out prizes, and answer questions. In doing so, they are also monitoring each player's behavior toward others and making sure chat rules are being followed.

Chat Rules & Repercussions:

The safe chat feature inside Lightgliders is considered a privilege. New players are informed of the chat rules the first they enter Lightglider Academy. The rules are available to view anytime via our website in the Glider Gazette, as well as inside the game at the entrance to the Treehouses.

Chat Rules are as follows:

  1. Be respectful --Chat is used to respect and encourage fellow Lightgliders, ensuring that Lightglider Academy is a wonderful community for everyone, and a welcoming place for new Lightgliders.
  2. Do not put others down or make them feel uncomfortable -- No saying things that make others uncomfortable including the use of "workaround" language to say anything in chat that is against these rules (e.g., aggressive messages, mean messages, ganging up on others, lies, anything that is considered harmful, abusive, insulting, obscene, embarrassing, unwanted, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, etc.)
  3. Do not use romantic language -- No trying to start or encourage online relationships. No romantic language (i.e., "lovey-dovey" language)
  4. Do not ask about or share personal information -- No asking for or sharing personal or private information or any information that identifies you in Lightgliders or in any other (e.g., name, age, location, password, game ID, username, etc.) -- Our chat filters does not allow this, but we state it anyway in both our chat rules and privacy policy so that kids learn to practice safety online, and recognize that it is not okay to ask for or share personal information, ever.
  5. Do not retaliate -- No 'policing' or 'punishing' others for breaking chat rules
  6. Do not create drama -- Do not create drama if there is a disagreement. Differences of opinions may be discussed respectfully.
  7. Summary -- To summarize, do not say or infer through "workaround" language anything in chat that is harmful, abusive, insulting, obscene, embarrassing, unwanted, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, infringing or invasive of someone else’s privacy. Breaking chat rules could result in the loss of  chat privileges or access to Lightgliders.

Repercussions for Breaking Chat Rules:

We want to give kids a chance to redeem themselves and learn from social experiences, so we have a three-strikes-and-you're-out policy instituted for players who break the rules. When our moderation team identifies messages that break our safe chat rules (even if they were blocked by our safe chat feature and not seen by other players), our team flags these messages and adds that player to our watchlist so as to monitor their chat interactions more closely and intervene when necessary. The offending player receive a message from our moderation team, reminding them to follow the rules. After that, players who continue to break chat rules have their chat privileges revoked, and their parents are notified of this issue. Continued infractions will result in the prolonged loss of chat privileges.

After some time, individual infractions no longer count against that player, giving them the opportunity to learn and grow from past mistakes. Each incident is carefully considered by multiple Lightgliders team members to ensure fairness and safety. All of these precautions further improve our ability to safeguard all of the kids playing Lightgliders.

Try Before You Buy + You Decide!

Lightgliders was designed to provide a safe digital world for kids to have fun and to learn about Christian faith and values. We offer a 7-day free trial for all of our membership packages so you can try before you buy! Start your free trial today at

Lightgliders has one of the SAFEST chat features in the gaming industry! However, we know that while some of you feel your kids are ready for safe chat experiences, others are not yet. That is why we want you to be able to make that choice! Once you have created an account, and set up a profile for each of your kids, you can decide whether or not to turn the safe chat feature off for each of the kids on your account. This allows YOU to customize each child's community experience how YOU see fit! Learn more here.

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Dec 29, 2023

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