What is a mystery code? How do I get/redeem a mystery code?

What is a mystery code?
Mystery codes can be redeemed for prizes like unique outfits, hats, gliders, and more for your character, or they can contain gold and other prizes!

How do I get a mystery code?
They are handed out in the game by moderators and are also sent out with the weekly parent email. In addition, there are monthly and annual prize mystery codes emailed out. So the longer you stay with Lightgliders, the more prizes you get!

How do I redeem a mystery code?

  1. Login to Lightgliders
  2. Enter Lightglider Academy
  3. Click the profile icon at the bottom (picture of your character)
  4. Enter the mystery code and click redeem

A notification will pop up stating the prize you have received. You can see it in your inventory!

How to Redeem Mystery Codes.gif

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