Is there a way to find specific types of content or activities? (Content Color Guide)

In Lightgliders, everything is color-coded! Here is a quick guide to understanding what types of content each color signifies.

Color Content Guide

  • Light Blue = Themes — The weekly theme, Scripture verse, and lesson.
  • Red = Messages — In-game announcements, updates, game tips, and more!
  • Green = Sparks — Short videos that teach an important lesson from the Bible.
  • Orange = Prayers — Videos that guide a short time of prayer.
  • Pink = Sticker Pages — Decorate these and send them to your friends!
  • Dark Blue = LGTV — Gameplay videos to encourage learning and laughter.
  • Purple = Games — Tons of different kinds of games! Check the "challenge rating" or player icon to see how difficult each game is and whether it is single or multiplayer!

Weekly Emails + Glider Gazette
Another way to follow along is by reading our weekly emails (sent out every Monday morning) or by visiting the weekly blog (called the Glider Gazette) on our website.

Side-Bar Menu (Navigating Lightgliders)
Check out the how-to-play video below to learn how to use the side-bar menu to find different areas within Lightgliders:

Dec 29, 2023

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